Twisted Pangandamans

A fellow blogger sent me an email today, December 30, about a blog post that was really disturbing, disgusting and downright appalling.  It was about the personal witnessing of a young woman as her 56 year old father and 14 year old brother were beaten by a government official in a golf course in Antipolo City.  Read her story here.

Just as I was about to log out, I saw this news article from Yahoo News how Nasser Pangandaman Sr. apologizes for his son’s misbehavior.  What was so revolting was the elder official’s statement that “no one wanted the incident to happen.” 

hayop  Can you believe this guy? Was his son, the Dishonorable Mayor of Masui, Lanao del Sur, shouting “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” as he was punching the 14-year old boy’s face?  Were the bodyguards telling the 56-year old man “WE DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” as they were beating him up to a pulp and drawing their handguns to the victims?

Investigations are said to have been conducted to resolve the issue.  But sad to say that the Pangandmans are PGMA cohorts. Needless to say, therefore, that this so-called investigation will be spiced-up, sugar-coated, and the results will be cooked up to appear as a mere “misunderstanding” with the victims as the trouble makers who deserved what they got. 

Remember the “Hello, Garci” scandal?  Was it not in Lanao del Sur (along with Basilan and Sulu) that the questionable votes were padded because the election returns and the certificates of canvass did not match?

Finally, I noticed at the very last paragraph of the news article that ” Pangandaman Jr said he talked with the elder De la Paz in a nice way but the man hit him instead with an umbrella and hurled invectives and twice challenged him to a fight.”  It seemed to me that this tiny bit of information was added at the last minute to soften some of the blows against the younger Pangandaman.  Curiously, the article was posted by GMA News.  A few months back, the same news network posted over the internet an article “The Philippine Media Association (Philmedia) recently gave Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr of Masiu town in Lanao del Sur an “effective young leader” award…”   Now, I’m getting curious.  Very curious, indeed!


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