Pilipinas on the Rise!

Arroyo’s manicurist appointed board member of Pag-IBIG funds

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PGMA outrageous appointment

Take a few million Filipinos. Multiply the number by 2 (raised eyebrows) and WE WILL HAVE VERTICAL LIFT-OFF.

So, here are my after thoughts on the matter.

First,  the S***ID Palace spokesperson Olivar missed the point.

Olivar rejected the report that the two are unqualified for the positions. “Hindi sapat na ma-disqualify sila dahil mababa ang katungkulan nila, (It’s unfair to disqualify them on account of their menial jobs)” he said.

We are not questioning their (Carpon and Macapagal) appointments because of their “lowly” status or their “menial” jobs, Mister.  We are questioning their qualifications to be decision-makers in important government agencies. How could anyone, who, without financial management or human resource management skills, be capable of handling a multi-Billion Housing Fund office; or of maintaining a national landmark?  Those are the points!  Jeeez, how could you not get that?  Well, I suppose, if a manicurist and a gardener can bag jobs that pays P130,000 a month plus other benefits, I should stop wondering about your qualifications too.

Second, perhaps there is some credence in Carpon’s appointment.  After all, once poor government employees are granted of their housing loans, they would want “manicured” lawns too!


There could be no better man!

Ang kusog sa panggamhanan nagagikan sa katawhan.

There can be no better man to represent the people of the 1st District of South Cotabato than someone who believes in the people that he represents, and who has faith in the potentials for greatness that lies in every individual in General Santos City and in the Municipalities of Polomolok, Tampakan and Tupi.

There can be no better man than PEDRO B. ACHARON, JR. to be  our Congressman for the 1st District of South Cotabato.

This three-termer Local Chief Executive of General Santos City is an epitome of a true General.  Elected as City Councilor in 1992 at his first try in politics and was re-elected to the same office in 1995 with the highest number of votes.  In 1998, he was overwhelmingly elected as the City Vice-Mayor. He was sworn as the 10th City Mayor in 2001 when the position was declared vacant.  In the 2001, 2004 and 2007 local elections, he was reaffirmed by the Generals as the City Mayor.

The people’s trust and confidence in his leadership was founded on history and destiny.  Mayor Jun Acharon comes from a long line of public servants.  His father, Pedro A. Acharon, Sr. was the 2nd Mayor of then the Municipality of Rajah Buayan. While his brother Antonio C. Acharon was the 5th Chief Executive and the mayor with the longest service record of the City of General Santos.  Another brother, the late Jacinto C. Acharon was the holder of the longest term as City Councilor.

He is a civil engineer by profession and a graduate of Cebu Institute of Technology.  He is very active with religious organization and civic clubs including the Rotary Club.  A recipient of numerous awards of distinction, among which are the “Outstanding City Councilor of the New Republic of the Philippines”, “Most Outstanding City Vice-Mayor of the Philippines”, and the “International Humanitarian Award.”

Married of the former Miss Rosalinda V. Abinion of Cebu, they are blessed with five children – 3 boys and 2 girls.

Within the core of his administration’s thrust is the holistic and comprehensive Magandang Gensan through Social and Community Transformation, Human Resource Development, Economic Diversification, Environmental Regeneration and Participatory Governance.

His service-driven conviction that was instrumental in the city’s tremendous urbanization rate can be  advantageous for the people of the district in the coming years.  With PBA representing us in Congress, a future that is Progressive, Beneficial and Assured awaits us.

God help the peace process

Ever since I got wind of the “golf brawl” involving the Pangandaman’s acts of savagery and barbarism  at the Valley Golf in Antipolo City, I am in a constant state of exasperation.  

I am distraught at the audacity of Nasser Jr. for beating up an old man and a minor.

I am angry at the callousness of Nasser Sr. for allowing the brawl to progress, simply watching, tolerating the brutality of his son’s actions to human beings.

Mostly, I am disturbed at the fact that, while the progressive cities of Mindanao are trying their damnedest to create a positive image, there are those, who, with wanton abandon carry their weight around jeopardizing the efforts and nullifying the achievements of saner Mindanaons.

To quote, Daxi Weida, a fellow blogger’s brilliant comment:

“Ito ang halimbawa ng mga pangyayaring hindi kailanman makakapag-ambag sa magandang imahe ng Mindanao. Ang mga pyudal na warlords ng Mindanao – Pangandaman man ang apelyido o hindi, Muslim man o Kristiyano – ang ilan sa mga dahilan kung bakit ang bagal ng pag-unlad ng Mindanao; kung bakit atrasado ang kalagayan ng ARMM; kung bakit isa sa mga pinakamahirap na probinsya ng Pilipinas ang Lanao del Sur.. [Alam nyo ba na ang lungsod (siyudad?) ng Masiu ay kinakategoryang “first class municipality”?]

The question now that is plaguing my mind is:  WHAT WILL BECOME OF THE PEACE PROCESS? 

On December 23, 2008, the Office of the Press Secretary released the names of the newly appointed members to the GRP Peace Panel which included Nasser Pangandaman Sr.

The article said, “Secretary Pangandaman’s role is to provide continuity of the peace negotiations and to represent the Muslims.”

How could anyone be an effective peace negotiator for the Government of the Republic of the Philippines when he did not even lift a finger to stop the violence committed by his own son to a fellow Filipino?  

How could anybody raise a brute and talk about peace? 

I have no doubt that former Gensan City Mayor, Adelbert W. Antonino will do an excellent job. After all, he did great while he was the city’s chief executive.  Sir AdWA, as he his lovingly called, is an honorable statesman. But what can one man do?

We will be desperately requiring divine intercession.  We need a miracle!

Twisted Pangandamans

A fellow blogger sent me an email today, December 30, about a blog post that was really disturbing, disgusting and downright appalling.  It was about the personal witnessing of a young woman as her 56 year old father and 14 year old brother were beaten by a government official in a golf course in Antipolo City.  Read her story here.

Just as I was about to log out, I saw this news article from Yahoo News how Nasser Pangandaman Sr. apologizes for his son’s misbehavior.  What was so revolting was the elder official’s statement that “no one wanted the incident to happen.” 

hayop  Can you believe this guy? Was his son, the Dishonorable Mayor of Masui, Lanao del Sur, shouting “I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” as he was punching the 14-year old boy’s face?  Were the bodyguards telling the 56-year old man “WE DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” as they were beating him up to a pulp and drawing their handguns to the victims?

Investigations are said to have been conducted to resolve the issue.  But sad to say that the Pangandmans are PGMA cohorts. Needless to say, therefore, that this so-called investigation will be spiced-up, sugar-coated, and the results will be cooked up to appear as a mere “misunderstanding” with the victims as the trouble makers who deserved what they got. 

Remember the “Hello, Garci” scandal?  Was it not in Lanao del Sur (along with Basilan and Sulu) that the questionable votes were padded because the election returns and the certificates of canvass did not match?

Finally, I noticed at the very last paragraph of the news article that ” Pangandaman Jr said he talked with the elder De la Paz in a nice way but the man hit him instead with an umbrella and hurled invectives and twice challenged him to a fight.”  It seemed to me that this tiny bit of information was added at the last minute to soften some of the blows against the younger Pangandaman.  Curiously, the article was posted by GMA News.  A few months back, the same news network posted over the internet an article “The Philippine Media Association (Philmedia) recently gave Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr of Masiu town in Lanao del Sur an “effective young leader” award…”   Now, I’m getting curious.  Very curious, indeed!

Achieving Excellence in 2008

Among other reasons why I am offended by the “Labanan ang Kahirapan” campaign is that it highlights a negative reality – Poverty.  It could have been more effective if the spin-doctors  capitalized on the strenghts of the Filipinos to draw cooperation and move them to action.  A case in point is this article I wrote for the GSC Digest, a quarterly publication of the LGU.

In the beginning of this year, the Honorable City Mayor of General Santos City, Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.  issued Executive Order No. 01 mandating that the year 2008 shall be the Year of Excellence. Each official and employee in all city level departments shall, in the performance of duties and functions, use the Total Quality Services program as the good governance tool in the delivery of basic public services.

This advocacy was reiterated and was given much emphasis when he delivered the Sate of the City Address.  In that report, the City Development Strategies of good governance, competitiveness, livability and bankability were discussed according to their interdependence, such that “Good governance ensures that an environment of transparency and accountability is practiced in the local government, which will strengthen the competitiveness capability of the city; Thus, making it bankable in order for social and other services programs to be implemented making the city livable.”

This interdependence among the CDS principles is further manifested into a working framework. It is highly important that each public servant in the LGU understands that the CDS is a symbiont program of the four principles.  There is a cooperative relationship between and among the cabinet clusters.  While each department have its own mandate and each cluster functions independently; their existence and efficiency does not depend on the other departments or clusters.   But the existence, efficiency and the responsiveness of the entire local government of General Santos is dependent on the cooperation, support and mutual respect each department or cluster provides the others.

The mechanism is actually very simple.

To make the city well-governed, we have to enrich pro-active consciousness. And it starts with our sensitive awareness of what is going on around us. Most notably is the acknowledgement that as government workers, we are not super heroes.  Therefore, we must engage the participation of all stakeholders in the development processes, public and private alike.

To make the city competitive, we have to produce competitive individuals.  And it starts with finding our individual strengths by way of honest evaluation of what we can and cannot do, and of what we have and do not have.  Through acceptance of our strengths and weaknesses as an organization, we acknowledge the things we are capable of doing (and doing it well!), and the things that we need to invest on, improve and enhance.  As a result, we create, for the LGU and the city, an environment that sustains productivity and encourages value creation to our products and services.

To make the city bankable, we need to inculcate collective sensible values; and it starts in our own individual endeavors.  These undertakings do not require high-end or complicated technological gadgetries, but demand the basic and inherent human virtues of trustworthiness, integrity and accountability.  If we are to encourage investors, whether local, domestic or foreign, to pour their capital with confidence, we must prove that we have the ability to provide the necessary and appropriate climate for business and economic growth.

To make the city livable, we have to create healthy communities and it starts from our own homes. The first line of defense is the family.  The basic unit of society must be empowered to be able to send their children to school, clothe them and provide for nutrition, medical and health care. While there are LGU programs instituted for these concerns, these must be mere augmentations.  Furthermore, environmental protection and preservation is a universal responsibility.  As public servants, we must serve as the exemplars of family resource management, and of cleanliness in our immediate surroundings (among other functions expected of a family!).

Raising the Benchmark

Last July 4, the city received its third Most Competitive City Award from the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center.  The city greatly values this award because it is an affirmation among the business community, within and outside the city, of the efforts done by the local government to protect and promote their economic interests.

There are 6 criteria or drivers used by the policy center in determining the competitiveness of the city:

Cost of doing business – business tax burden, business regulation and procedures, presence of informal fees (a very politically correct term for bribe and other forms of corruption),  and cost of utilities (such as electricity, water, telephone and internet connections);

Dynamism of local economy – business growth and performance, access to financing assistance, and the existence of a functional public-private partnership;

Human resources and training – over-all quality of present workers, availability of competent manpower, skills enhancement programs present/available;

Infrastructure – over-all management of transportation services, reliability of utilities and environmental facilities;

Responsiveness of LGU to business needs – government regulations, investment promotion capabilities, ease and transparency  of LGU in dealings, crafting of appropriate and business-friendly legislations and quality of leadership and performance of the city administration; and

Quality of life – clean and sustainable environment, peace and order, and access to quality health care and social welfare services.

Of the 90 mid-sized cities in the country only 22 cities were ranked; 5 cities from Luzon and 2 from Mindanao were awarded most competitive mid-sized cities.

General Santos city ranked no. 1 in infrastructure.  Yet, among the most notable findings were: the reasonable cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour, very low incidence of or non-existent informal fees in LGU transactions involving permits and licenses, and the high total crime solution efficiency.

The effects of our labors will manifest next year, in 2009.  However, at mid-year of 2008 we are harvesting accolades and achievements.  The greatest challenge before us now, is to surpass these successes.  Gensan must continue its upward spiral and be the embodiment of excellence.

Magandang Gensan!

Labanan ang Paghihirap

Do you see those “LABANAN ANG KAHIRAPAN” large tarpaulins?  You can’t possibly miss them as its plastered and hung everywhere.  Unless, or course, you have a preconditioned blindness to every PGMA publicity.

Done perhaps, in good faith, this “call for action” is bad taste!  Personally, i am gravely offended by the slogan.  I am insulted by this “invitation”.

As a working mother, it demeans my daily efforts to earn a decent living in order to provide for my family’s needs, to send my children to school, to feed them, to clothe them, to have a roof over our heads.    The slogan negates my struggles as a good mother.  It invalidates the plans I have for my loved ones.

What was she thinking?  What were her advisers thinking?  Were they thinking that the majority of the working class are just planting our arses in cushioned seats in airconditioned offices doing nothing and caring for no one?  That we are leading lethargic and apathetic lives?  That we are indifferent to the poverty around us?

I dare say that those who coined the “labanan” crap is naive to the realities of the Filipino’s plight since they drive around in airconditioned cars with fuel paid for by the government, or officed on the top floor of buildings with utilities paid for by the government, or staffed with overworked-underpaid personnel whose salaries are paid for by the government. (After thought: I need not discuss where the government got the money to pay for all those.)

They are protected from the stench of poverty, while we have to wallow in it.  Yet, they have the audacity to tell us to fight it.

Of course, the hidden message of the slogan is:  (You) Fight Pverty. (After thought: Ask any english teacher the syntax for sentences with missing subject) You, who know and experience poverty, fight it.

This is typical of the GMA administration… pass on the blame, pass on the work.

After thought: Another sad reality is that poverty, really, is our concern… not theirs.

Note:  The original unpublished draft is much too hateful and generously sprinkled with profanities than this edition.  I maybe angry, but not insane!