Blissful Suffering

I am now on Day 1 of the GM Weight Loss Program.

I have never been on a diet before.  Even when my Internist and OB-Gyne advised that I should.

My  concept of a weight loss diet was “masochism.” For me, for the longest time, diets are superfluous and ostentatious designed for people with low self-esteem who depends on physical attributes for strength.  HOW WRONG I WAS!

As I aged, having gone through three major surgeries (1 appendectomy and 2 CS child births) and a moderate smoker, I experienced difficulties that I will not admit out loud.  I am easily out of breath, just tying my hair into a ponytail is an effort.  I get exhausted trying to dress up in the morning, especially when I try on several clothes before settling for the maternity-look.  My clothes mostly are purchased from “plus-size” shops or sections of department stores.  The entire size of those trendy ones could fit only one of my thighs.

But I am smart, and pretty, and happy with my family.  I have friends and a career.  Who needs to be sexy?

That was my excuse.

While the things that I am blessed with and thankful for are still true, I was no longer content with my over-all appearance.  This perhaps was my greatest motivation in looking at dieting in another light.

I want to feel good about myself.

So, I am off to a better, healthier me.  It is going to be the hardest seven days of my life, because I will be battling against myself.  I know my will is  stronger than my cravings.  My reasons are more than skin deep.  Yes, I’m going to be suffering.  But, it’s only going to be for a short while. And the blissful results will be worth the battle.