Labanan ang Paghihirap

Do you see those “LABANAN ANG KAHIRAPAN” large tarpaulins?  You can’t possibly miss them as its plastered and hung everywhere.  Unless, or course, you have a preconditioned blindness to every PGMA publicity.

Done perhaps, in good faith, this “call for action” is bad taste!  Personally, i am gravely offended by the slogan.  I am insulted by this “invitation”.

As a working mother, it demeans my daily efforts to earn a decent living in order to provide for my family’s needs, to send my children to school, to feed them, to clothe them, to have a roof over our heads.    The slogan negates my struggles as a good mother.  It invalidates the plans I have for my loved ones.

What was she thinking?  What were her advisers thinking?  Were they thinking that the majority of the working class are just planting our arses in cushioned seats in airconditioned offices doing nothing and caring for no one?  That we are leading lethargic and apathetic lives?  That we are indifferent to the poverty around us?

I dare say that those who coined the “labanan” crap is naive to the realities of the Filipino’s plight since they drive around in airconditioned cars with fuel paid for by the government, or officed on the top floor of buildings with utilities paid for by the government, or staffed with overworked-underpaid personnel whose salaries are paid for by the government. (After thought: I need not discuss where the government got the money to pay for all those.)

They are protected from the stench of poverty, while we have to wallow in it.  Yet, they have the audacity to tell us to fight it.

Of course, the hidden message of the slogan is:  (You) Fight Pverty. (After thought: Ask any english teacher the syntax for sentences with missing subject) You, who know and experience poverty, fight it.

This is typical of the GMA administration… pass on the blame, pass on the work.

After thought: Another sad reality is that poverty, really, is our concern… not theirs.

Note:  The original unpublished draft is much too hateful and generously sprinkled with profanities than this edition.  I maybe angry, but not insane!