No Love Lost

When Rudolf was born, he was the only one among the litter that had bright pink nose. Johan christened him “Rudolf” in reference to the reindeer. Consequently, Rudolf was the only one that remained with us, as Johan refused to have him sold. Already,  Rudolf belonged to Johan.

Being a labrador, the 7-month old Rudolf was humongous, at least for Johan who was still 6 years old at the time.  Once in an obedience training session, Johan had a not-so-pleasant experience with his pet.   Johan confidently took hold of his leash and Rudolf dragged  him a few yards as the pup chased a stray dog that was just passing by.

Johan sustained very minor scratches, but wouldn’t come near Rudolf ever again. The affection that they once shared seemed lost.

Last Kalilangan  2011 brought a miracle.  Father-son bonding led them to watch the Dog Show at the MSU Grounds.  Upon returning home, Johan became participative again to Rudolf’s continued training.  He now holds the leash and walks Rudolf around the front yard. When time permits, he takes time to comb or brush Rudolf’s fur.  When asked what made him care for Rudolf again, he said, “One day, me and Rudolf will be in a Dog Show too.  And we will win!”