The Photography Guru

Leonard Pe is a genius behind the camera. His photographs are poignant as it captures the splendor of nature.  I have traveled along the vast pineapple fields at Polomolok on countless occasions, and have been to the Dole Clubhouse at Kalsangi several times.  But, I have never paused in awe at the sun as it slowly sets on the horizon or have appreciated the pine tress as it kissed the clouds above.  Only through Leonard’s art did I see them differently. His visuals are empowering as it move the viewer to protect the environment.  The way his “naturescape” photographs freeze time makes you want to do more than just cherish the present, but preserve it for the future as well. His art is inspiring as it induces the creation of other art forms. His wedding portfolios, at Fluidlight, do not only capture the happy images but also preserve the emotions in visual form.
Affirmation of his works includes an award from the Greenpeace Southeast Asia in an international photography competition.  His latest feat was as the featured Photographer of the Week of the October 14, 2008 issue of Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect and being described as Gensan’s Pride.
Yet, despite the high acclaims and adoration of his peers and colleagues, Leonard remained unpretentious and modest.  He never hesitates to share technical expertise and is always patient to teach people like me who are slightly technologically naïve yet are interest to learn the art.
His collections, available for the general public found at, is best viewed in leisure.  Take you time to savor each photograph, and allow it to transport you to time and places that make you grateful for the visual art of photography.